Masseria Trappeto del Re Italian Masseria Puglia Fasano Bed & Breakfast Italy
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Please, come in!
Enjoy the age-old twenty-hectare olive grove surrounding our Masseria, a farmhouse that is still active. Stop a second and try to smell the sea air of the ancient Egnazia, only 2 km far from here.

Let you embrace from the sturdy white walls, comforting oasis after metropolitan stress, time contamination and fast rhythms. In this place hours are days, nature is the master of the house and guests are important: this is the reason why the room is only one, completely at your disposal.

Listen: don’t you seem to hear planters working and the farmer’s voice ordaining? Aren’t you able to listen the sound of the master carriage pass through the avenue, the chirp of swallows waiting for you at night and to smell the sacred scent of the oven-baked bread?

Be patient: it will happen.
In this place dreams that come true.

Masseria Trappeto del Re - bed & breakfast
Contrada Carbonelli 18 - 72015 Fasano (Brindisi) - Italy
Cell +39 347 7369869
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